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2019 Arkansas Poultry Report

Save the Illinois River (STIR) received the 2019 Arkansas Poultry Report showing poultry production on registered farms.

Click here is read the report.

Data released by the Arkansas Natural Resource Commission (ANRC) shows the number of chickens raised in Arkansas and the amount of waste chicken farms generate. Two Arkansas counties are in the Illinois River watershed. They are Benton and Washington Counties  A small portion of Crawford County is also included in the watershed.

The report shows the following for Benton and Washington Counties poultry production:

712,826 tons of poultry waste generated by 398 farms having a capacity of 42,112,970 birds.

668,072 tons of poultry waste removed.

621,808 tons transferred or sold.

23,118 tons applied to land.

41,892 tons stored.

699 tons other.

1,835 poultry houses.

57 fewer farms than in the 2018 ANRC report.

Data in the 2019 report show that 28-percent of poultry waste generated in the State of Arkansas is generated in Benton and Washington Counties. Approximately 87-percent of the waste from the counties is transfered or sold.*

9.3-perent of the State of Arkansas poultry productioncapacity is in Benton and Washington Counties.

8.7-percent of the poultry houses in Arkansas are in Benton and Washington Counties.

The report does not indicate where the waste from Benton and Washington Counties was removed to.

Three counties in Oklahoma, Adair, Cherokee and Delaware, are in the Illinois River watershed.


The latest Oklahoma poultry production report is available on our Resources page.

*This figure was corrected and amended on 11/14/19


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