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Poultry Litter Research by the University of Georgia

Based on average nutrients, a ton of poultry litter has an estimated value of $41 (Table 3). A 20,000-bird broiler house will produce approximately 150 tons of litter per year (6 flocks) with a potential gross value of $6,150. A flock of 14,000 breeder hens will produce approximately 150 tons of manure (50 percent dry weight basis) per year with a potential gross value of $4,300...(University of Georgia research).


Maximizing Poultry Manure Use through Nutrient Management Planning

Bulletin 1245


Poultry manure fertilizer contains all the essential nutrients required for crop production, and its value as an organic fertilizer and a source of plant nutrients has been recognized for centuries. Even withits beneficial effects on plant growth, however, manure constitutes only a small percentage of the nutrients applied to cropland when compared to commercial fertilizer.


Poultry manure fertilizer is not used to its maximum potential for several reasons, including:


a) lack of information on its value as a source of plant nutrients,


b) failure to recognize how and where to use it, and


c) lack of recognition of its economic value.


This publication provides current information about the appropriate application and most effective use of poultry fertilizer. It will also help poultry producers develop a simple nutrient management plan that meets permitting authority standards.

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