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Poultry Waste Action Center

STIR Poultry Waste Action Center 

Doesn't it just make you sick...what they're doing to our water?

Fast Facts About Poultry Pollution

Poultry waste equals 10.7 million additional people in the Illinois River basin (Oklahoma A.G. Office).  This waste is UNTREATED!

The poultry industry is located primarily in northwestern Arkansas (Poultry Litter Removal Fact Sheet below).

Arkansas poultry waste regulations are weak compared to Oklahoma's rules.  Nutrient management plans are not required until 2007 (Arkansas Regs. below).

Oklahoma's lawsuit names poultry companies, not growers.  The companies say growers are responsible for the waste but supply the birds, feed, expertise, etc.

The suit seeks elimination of EXCESS POULTRY WASTE...NOT ALL CHICKEN LITTER.

Excess poultry waste contains arsenic, heavy metals, bacteria, hormones, and antibiotics.  It promotes the growth of algae impairing water safety, clarity, taste, and odor.

Oklahoma's premier scenic rivers, the Illinois, Barren Fork, and Flint Creek do not meet state standards for "primary body contact recreation" (OWRB) due to animal waste.

Tenkiller Lake, "The Emerald Jewel in Oklahoma's Crown of Lakes", is degraded by excess nutrients.

The poultry industry opposed higher water quality standards, poultry litter regulation, and nutrient limits.

The poultry companies have known for decades that the disposal of their waste was impairing Oklahoma's, and Arkansas' waters.

How You Can Help

Send a letter supporting Oklahoma's clean water lawsuit naming Arkansas poultry companies. Tell Congress dirty water is not O.K. with you.

Click here to learn how your organization can join STIR in the fight for clean water. 

Endorsements for Oklahoma's Clean Water Lawsuit

Illinois River Outfitters Association

Concerned Citizens for Green Country Conservation.

Keep Oklahoma Beautiful endorsement of Oklahoma's poultry waste lawsuit.

Greater Tenkiller Area Association's endorsement of Oklahoma's suit.

Grand Lake Association.

City of Grove resolution in support of clean water action.

Indian Nations Audubon Society President's Letter.

STIR's position on Oklahoma's suit.

Sierra Club endorses Oklahoma's clean water lawsuit.

Trout Unlimited supports Illinois River watershed protection:

We as Trout Unlimited members and citizens of the State of Oklahoma are proud to support Save The Illinois River in its efforts to improve water quality in the Illinois River watershed. We feel STIR's voice is a critical component in the effort to inform the public as to the issues and the politics which are affecting the quality of life in eastern Oklahoma.

Thank you, STIR.

Mike Scott, Chapter President Oklahoma Chapter of Trout Unlimited.

Oklahoma Clean Lakes and Watersheds Association

And thousands of concerned individuals (Sample).