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Do You Trust Tyson to Protect the Illinois River?

Save the Illinois River Inc. | Environment | May 02, 2024

Revealed: Tyson Foods dumps millions of pounds of toxic pollutants into US rivers and lakes

House Bill 4118 will protect Tyson Foods and abolish your right to protect your property.

Would you trust this company with Oklahoma's Illinois River or Lake Tenkiller?

Read the Guardian report about Tyson Foods polluting the waters of America.


Tyson Foods dumped millions of pounds of toxic pollutants directly into American rivers and lakes over the last five years, threatening critical ecosystems, endangering wildlife and human health, a new investigation reveals.

Nitrogen, phosphorus, chloride, oil and cyanide were among the 371m lb of pollutants released into waterways by just 41 Tyson slaughterhouses and mega processing plants between 2018 and 2022.

(more on the Guardian article on Tyson Foods)

NOTE PLEASE:  this article about Tyson Foods is being supplied to you and other journalists by the Conservation Coalition of Oklahoma of which STIR is a proud member.
Ed Brocksmith

As the Board Chair for the Conservation Coalition of Oklahoma, the Oklahoma affiliate of the National Wildlife Federation, I am reaching out request your assistance to express our profound concerns regarding House Bill 4118. Our organization, a 501(c)(4) focused on non-partisan, common-sense sustainable conservation, is alarmed by the provisions of HB 4118 that could grant undue immunity to large-scale poultry integrators for environmental damages.
Recent incidents, such as those involving major players like Tyson Foods allegedly dumping significant amounts of waste into water bodies, illustrate the pressing need for stringent regulations, not leniency.

Revealed: Tyson Foods dumps millions of pounds of toxic pollutants into US rivers and lakes

HB 4118 would shield these integrators from essential accountability, posing severe risks to Oklahoma’s ecosystems and public health—contrary to our mission of preserving our state’s vital natural resources for future generations.
This issue requires immediate public attention and action. We urge citizens across Oklahoma to be informed of the implications of HB 4118 and to contact their legislators to express their opposition to this bill. It is crucial that we stand together to ensure that our environmental laws protect our state's natural heritage, not corporate interests.
Attached are a couple of documents we have utilized to try and influence our legislators to vote against this legislation that should provide insight.
I would welcome the opportunity to visit with you further regarding this matter.  My contact information is in the signature below.   
Matthew L. Wright
Conservation Coalition of Oklahoma