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Oklahoma Killer Whale Project

Save the Illinois River, Inc. | Environment | December 17, 2020
From the Illinois River in Oklahoma to Puget Sound in Washington State, clean water is essential for aquatic life.

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Life in our rivers, lakes, bays and oceans must have clean water free of pollution.
Did you know that debrie from automobile tires is polluting our water and killing fish?

Save the Illinois River supports SR3's work to rehabilitate marine life in Puget Sound.

STIR has established the Oklahoma Whale Conservation Society, the OWCS.  Become a Charter Member just by asking at:

Oklahoma Killer Whale Project Introduced
People from across the country are coming together to protect the Southern Resident killer whales! The “Oklahoma Killer Whale Project” will honor the connection between Tahlequah, OK and ‘Tahlequah,’ or J35, a member of the local Southern Resident killer whale community. 
As part of this effort, the Kirkpatrick Foundation of Oklahoma will be matching all donations toward our research work that informs conservation efforts for these special whales. If you want your own gift to go twice as far, visit the Tahlequah donation matching page on our website.