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Comment on Preferential Loans to Poultry Farms

STIR Inc. | News | December 18, 2018

The federal government is considering a rule changing the preferential loans to poultry farmers who contract with companies like Tyson and Simmons Foods.

You may object to these loans at this link:

Deadline to comment is December 18, 2018,

Suggested comments might include:

I am commenting on the SBA loans to poultry growers. Poultry farms in Arkansas and Oklahoma are polluting streams and lakes and are hurting families who live near new poultry houses.  This is especially true in northeastern Oklahoma in Delaware County where some 200 new poultry houses have been approved by the state, mainly to supply Simmons Foods of Siloam Springs, Arkansas. These poultry farms are not small farms.  They are factory farms growing millions of chickens for a vertically integrated corporation.

These loans are placing private property owners at a disadvantage because they promote the growth of the poultry industry in northeastern Oklahoma and northwestern Arkansas where regulations for poultry farms are weak.  Private property owners in Oklahoma do not have the right of due process of law to protect their property.  New and expanding poultry farms spring up literally across the road from private homes without public notice.  There are no provisions for a public hearing or for a protest to the licenses granted these poultry farms.

I object to the federal government (SBA and Agriculture Department) giving preferential loan treatment to factory farms such as those serving Simmons Foods and Tyson Corporation.  The SBA and the Department of Agriculture should not subsidize loans for factory farm operations which are polluting our air and water.