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[Archived] Sewer Committee Immediately Goes To Work On Sewer Problems

| Environment | January 04, 2014


CAVE SPRINGS -- Cave Springs needs a sewer solution to continue attracting developers to the city, members of a newly appointed sewer committee discussed Thursday night.

Conversation among members focused mainly on cost, easements and the city's future sewer needs.

Brett Hash, a member of the committee and owner of The Creeks Golf Course, has proposed building a large-scale septic tank effluent pumping transmission line along Arkansas 264. Another line would be run along Arkansas 112 and would bring the septic tank water to the golf course to be treated and then dispersed.

Hash has said he will build the system and then, once complete, hand it over to the city to maintain and administer.

The septic tank effluent pumping system costs approximately $3.5 million per 1,000 households, a figure Hash said Thursday night he was willing to front.

He also said he was willing to front the money for the 7,500-foot-long pipe to bring the septic tank water to the pumping system at a cost of approximately $300,000. The money would be paid back as customers tied onto the system.

Randy Mertes, who was elected chairman of the committee, brought up the issue of the city's future sewer needs when either Osage Basin Wastewater District or Northwest Arkansas Conservation Authority will potentially bring sewer lines to Cave Springs.

Hash said revenue generated from customers of the septic tank effluent pumping system could be used to fund future sewer projects.

"The beauty of your argument is that the city is not out any money on the front end of this," Mertes said.

Hash also said it would be better to negotiate with individual land owners for the easements for the transmission lines as opposed to getting them from the Arkansas Highway and Transportation Department.

Hash said if the road is ever changed, the highway department will make the city pay for moving the lines if they have issued the easements.

However, if the lines are on private land, then the highway department will have to pay to move them.

Members of the committee elected officers, and Mayor Thekla Wallis assigned terms.

City Attorney Justin Eichmann drew up a draft ordinance creating the Cave Springs Sewer Committee.

Wallis was appointed to a one-year term and will serve as scribe. Mertes drew a two-year term, and "MC" Chitsazan drew a three-year term and will serve as vice chairman.